Restaurant Attendant (Back of House)

Restaurant Attendant (Back of House)

Roast and Toast (Wineguys Restaurant Group)
309 East Lake Street
Summer Work and Travel in USA
City/State Peoskey, MI
Quantity 6
Rate/Hour $12-13 / Hr
Over Time Available
Housing $100-130 / Week
Job Start/End 16-May-2021 - 07-Sep-2021
Status เปิดรับปกติ

Roast and Toast

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At Roast & Toast, we have been roasting and brewing some of the finest coffee since 1993, embracing the SCA philosophy that “great coffee doesn’t just happen.” Using carefully select beans from around the world, we roast according to bean profile, create blends, and conduct small batch techniques to maintain a selection of freshly roasted varieties.

Never sell coffee more than two weeks old. Any coffee inventory roasted over two weeks prior is donated to Brother Dan’s Food Pantry in Petoskey.


We brew different varieties each week, rotating offerings with coffee sourced from around the world. Sample the globe with our daily brews. For those with a favorite origin, ask for our expertly made French-pressed coffees…we all have our passions.

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Job Title:             Restaurant Attendant (Back of House)

English level :    Good

Restaurant Attendant (Back of House):         Must be quick and diligent and willing to improve on the job. You will be deft and able to
follow instructions as well as all health and safety rules in the kitchen. The ideal
candidate will also be able to function in a fast-paced, busy environment as a part of a
team / Organization skills is a must, able to follow directions and complete task quickly
and safely. Must be able to read English and do basic math skills to determine proper
water temperature

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